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Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Did you know that 7 in 10 employed Americans would have trouble in a month or less if they couldn't earn their paycheck? This is from a new study Life Happens conducted for May's Disability Insurance Awareness Month called "What Do You Know About Disability Insurance?"

That stat underscores how important disability insurance is and why producers need to be talking to all their clients about it and helping them get the coverage they need.

To help with that, Life Happens has a new suite of disability insurance resources for DIAM, which Life Happens created and coordinates each year.

Remember, let us know if you need any of these resources adapted with updated wording, compliance numbers, branding, and more. Contact Chris Hill at chill@lifehappens.org.

Life Happens resources are all available only to member companies through their company account. If you don't have an account or are having trouble logging in, contact Andrea Englert at aenglert@lifehappens.org.

DIAM webinar replay

Watch this webinar replay to learn more about Disability Insurance Awareness Month and the new resources that are available.

Watch the replay

Customizable articles

Download the customizable articles to get the word out to home-office employees and producers about the campaign, and then easily modify to add what you company is doing.

Download the articles


From lighthearted to impactful Real Life Stories, choose the right tone and length for your outlet.

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Social Media Calendar

The popular PDF of prewritten posts is set to use as-is, or take what you need and modify.

Download the calendar

Social Media Graphics

Stats, inspiration, life hints, and more are ready to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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These can be used digitally as email attachments, printed out, or modified to use in other outreach and collateral.

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Download the logo to use in all your DIAM communications. Available in full color, black, and white, and in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, and EPS.